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Build Order Practice (Fastest UMS map)


Before I'm ostracized I'd like to create a training ground for fastest players (UMS). This would begin with 9 beacons, 1 for each race matchup. After you walk your civilian onto 1 of the 9 beacons--let's use ZvT as an example--a few more beacons appear. This set allows you to choose popular attack timings by the opposing race (such as when siege finishes, stim finishes, bunker rush outside of hatchery's vision, etc.) and after selecting one of these options, a normal game commences--for you at least.

I don't think Brood War AI works well with fastest bases so I'm thinking at whatever the agreed upon enemy timing push is, is when I'll create that set of units and send them towards the player's base. I think a map such as this would help all levels of players--they'd have to wall correctly in some cases, have a certain amount of vultures with mines out, have reavers/storm, etc... you get the gist.

There would be flaws, of course, since you won't be able to harass the invisible enemy base and in real games, you'll be scouting for a lair, a certain amount of gateways, a certain amount of hatcheries, etc. in order to deduce the opponent's build and react accordingly.

Perhaps 10-15 extra seconds could be acquired by the player moving an scv into a few of all of the potential spawns (emulating a real game).

If this was made well and it allowed you to practice against every popular timing push currently in the meta, would you actually utilize it as a tool? I'll probably be making it regardless--maybe 3 different versions instead of one giant one in order to compartmentalize the arduous process.

Also, if you're a fellow map maker and this seems interesting to you, I'll gladly share the work and credit with you.

Happy New Years,
Your Favorite Wildcard, DonFreecss

So far I've finished the iteration of a perfectly executed 6-pool with a slightly additional challenge (I raised the second wave of lings by 10 hp). Working on terrain is certainly more fun than triggers are, but I'm forcing myself to at least finish the Protoss version of the map.


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