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Hardest Timing Pushes to Stall or Repel

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Hello friends, I'm creating a practice map for fastest players which align directly with the fastest possible time of an executed push by current human players. Players who consistently lose against a certain push can practice it over and over again with no variation (other than their own), newer players can hone their builds and test them against relatively difficult opponents, and for a few of these, players will be able to learn or practice perfect-walling setups (the AI won''t be fooled if they happen to be melee against marines behind medic walls: they'll target the medics to make their way through), and subsequent PvP matches with similar situations will be less stressful, foreign, and you'll most likely be able to abuse the limitations each timing push inevitability is exposed to.

If my listed suggestions are terrible, please let me know which build order pushes I should include instead--as this has nothing to do with my pride. I simply want to create a tool for us to train in for the current meta and it needs to include the most problematic or difficult tendencies of each race. Hopefully we'll be able to place static defense in the perfect locations, have certain units ready beforehand, or even have a group of lings burrowed behind the choke which trap pushes in between them and sunken colonies.

Your Favorite ShitplayerwithhighAPM

I also intend on porting over micro/macro to fastest maps (if that interests you), creating an X amount of building time per player (who then subsequently compete in a RR tournament, followed by a a simple bracket, and lastly, rather than space terrain being utilized in an area, I can set several locations, switches, triggers, and a point system. This means that 4 player in a game equates to 2 playing and 2 spectating. After the loser claims gg, the other player is granted the win and the two spectators play each other. The same thing occurs. From here, two things can happen: players can continue playing singles with the 2 opponents they've yet to play or they can choose doubles--in this scenario, the players with 1 win are partnered with players with 0 wins and they begin their match. Races can be chosen at each stage--the only exception is double zerg in 2v2.

I would say mid z vs a mid building protoss is the hardest to stop if you're scouted. Dope thread though!


--- Quote from: Newbport on January 10, 2021, 07:53:28 am ---I would say mid z vs a mid building protoss is the hardest to stop if you're scouted. Dope thread though!

--- End quote ---

Really? Once I figured out how to stop it wasn't hard at all. Save up 3 larvae on main to build lings asap and send 3 drones to choke to build sunkens. After initial defense use lings to prevent run-bys.

@ Robotik. I agree, that is a way to stop it.

The tough/tricky part for me about it is knowing if it's coming or not.

If you choose to scout the middle with your overlord and see it coming I agree that it is much easier to defend, use the 2 or 3 drone (depending on your micro capabilities) to choke and 6 ling process.

The problem is that you have to use 2 to 3 drones and 3 larvae to stop the rush, I feel this is too much wasted units/money. Against any top player you are still likely to lose in the long game with still no guarantee of stopping the rush.

Mid building vs mid Z (or even corner Z) is the most common way that I've seen noobs take quick games off of top players.

This is all just my opinion, a lot of these discussions depend on the caliber of the player.

I think the best defense for stopping a mid build, whether its vs a terran bunk rush or probes/zealots, is to make your pool before you make an overlord. Buys you an extra few seconds to get 9 lings out quicker.


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