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Hardest Timing Pushes to Stall or Repel

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--- Quote from: Think-Fast on January 10, 2021, 03:16:07 pm ---I think the best defense for stopping a mid build, whether its vs a terran bunk rush or probes/zealots, is to make your pool before you make an overlord. Buys you an extra few seconds to get 9 lings out quicker.

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You can even pull a drone off your minerals right before the drone you're making finishes. Usually you'll have 200 minerals a second, sometimes even two seconds before that drone is able to make the pool. By pulling that one drone off the minerals you can instantly make the pool as you hit 200.

map trainers very good idea. :)

I decided to segment each match up separately starting with PvZ. In hindsight, a bit dumb to choose the possibly "easiest" matchup out of all the possible ones, but I naturally wanted to see if a zerg 6 pool and knows where you spawn if you can hold it. The PvZ version should be finished within a day or two and has 8 levels (if you die after beating level 1 you'll be sent back to level 1, if you die at level 5 you'll be sent to 4, etc. Once Player 1 reaches 8 "custom" score it's deemed a victory. I fully intend on the final release including each race on either side of attacking and defending; I made my locations, switches, and triggers in a versatile yet functioning manner so that all it takes to introduce the other races is a couple of different condition statements--these will be chosen by the player in order of weakest to strongest matchups. I'll post the PvZ version here and on my discord (which I named "SCW [op ugl] Brood War Fastest"). I'll give both links tomorrow.

Your Favorite Shit Bag, Link

Excited to test it. Thanks man.


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