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Tom (HyDrA) Being the most dodged person in scw

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id like to address an issue that's been going on for a long time. honestly we need to come up with a better system forcing players to play there own ranks and different people.
Ive personally had tom in the channel asking jose for 1v1 and jose tell him hes busy then jose private message me for a 1v1 game.dingo would not play tom if it wasn't for the end of the tournament bo7 between the ''top players'' and being forced.

Look at r top 10, how many of the players do your think mass games vs okay players to have a good record and be in the top 5. gangster random..

honestly its sad and we need to come together and come up with a better system.
i only named a few players but there is tons..

Dang gosu 51-0

a lot of times i just get no responses by people..   not even a no or anything :\


Tom plays very late probably due to work. I haven’t seen him play a game that’s not before 10-11 pm. I’m sure he might be less dodged if he played during the day.

And vulture usually plays anyone, can’t call someone out because they ignored you and don’t want to play in the moment

This thread is pointless

Vulture wouldn't even 1s me yesterday and he never dodges me. He's having some mouse issues


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