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Hey guys!  Looking to see if anyone is willing to lay down some wisdom on worker management.  Just looking to improve my game play.  Here is a few questions...

How many workers do you put on minerals? Is it bad to put over 50? ( i think its 50 stacked right?)
How many workers on gas?
Do you hot key a certain way with your workers? What works best for you?
Any tips in the general area of the mineral patch?  I am seeing some cool stuff in replays like using swarm to protect workers from ranged attacks, floating buildings, etc.

Appreciate any feedback.   Glhf gaming!

just depends i think, if your getting dropped a lot and have low minerals, ill do 60 on minerals then kill off after my eco is booming. ive seen top players run with around 40 and stay broke but 1 drop can end it all

Personally never count my workers, generally just pump until I'm rich enough to sustain a whole base, a lot of times its too much and need to get rid of a stack or 2 mid-late. It's been said 50 is the max amount of workers the patch can be mined at a time since I can remember but Ive never tested it, wonder how true that is.

Also aren't there 2-3 patches(stacked) on some maps, which I guess would mean u can do 50xwhatever the amount of patches? That would make sense as to why sometimes minerals dont run as smoothly as they should. I really don't know but perhaps someone can clarify.


It was my understanding that they stacked 50 on each other.

Do you hot key your workers? If so, what’s your set up?


50 is a good number imo


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