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TAG : Yz+ (Yearn 2Last)

Recruiting players who can 1-0 others and then tell them to shut up because they're noobs who are not loud enough to talk.. 🤣
I can't 1-0 people so i need someone who can do this for me! LMAO

The process making of Yz all started in US-East during the SCD days when all the VGT players left or took a long break. I began the game and watched some of the best players showcase many strategies on Original StarCraft while playing public games to practice.
We were too young to know what happened during the Liquid Era incase you're wondering how old we are c(:

I was introduced to Fastest Map Possible with an old childhood rival who I never beat because he was that much faster and smarter than me although the man who showed us the game was a Low Money Player!

My first race was Protoss and his was Zerg, I never once won a game against him as I didn't know about Reaver and Templar drops before he moved on from the game and this was over ten years ago when SCZ replaced SCD.

I might've got it mixed up and it was VGT after SCD but it all started a decade ago in US-East! 😌

Joking, I'm new and the story above belongs to my brother Yris! 😊
I'm trying to use as little Brood War units as possible as I'm a Original student of (R)us Team if you heard of it c(:

Wwe were noobs so you probably don't remember us but it won't be that easy anymore! 😝

Yz+Lotus : Boblue + Yz~Mana +

Yz+Hyzi : OnLight + Krayz. + DE-Yris
Yz+Monster : Hatred8(
Yz+Sunson : Sunsri
Yz+Boa? : Boa404
Yz+Arcane : MyClovers (Yami Fan) 😂
Yz~Mischief : LowMischief
Yz~Anao : 7cDreams + DearLy
Yz~Silver : Hello2 + DE-Arctic

EpicNote (Uncertain if she wants to play for Yz)

Yz~Thunder Yz+Thunder Yz-Thunder Yz.Thujder Yz_Thunder Yz[Thunder] Yz(Thunder) Yz:Thunder Yz*Thunder
Yz?Thunder Yz`Thunder Yz"Thunder" Yz!Thunder

Which tag do you think is better?

Me and Yris can't decide which tag is better looking and the other three don't care about the tag so when we have new members, we'll take a vote to see which tag we shall stick with! 😊

Since we can't really decide on one, feel free to use any of the tags listed above!!!

I'm looking for players who want to talk and improve together, I'm quite experienced but I'm not the best so I can teach anyone who's interested and practice with you 1vs1. We can review our games after to answer any questions you have! ☺️

(General Tip)
Scout corner bases first and when you pass by the top and bottom middle bases you can skip it early on or see if it's a Zerg choking! You have to scout the choke on side middle bases though before skipping to the corner bases!
Check some of my recent Protoss and Terran games in Season 43 for a better understanding! 😌

Dreadlord Proletius:
my only question is are those all of your akas?


--- Quote from: Dreadlord Proletius on January 19, 2024, 12:53:36 pm ---my only question is are those all of your akas?

--- End quote ---

Of course.. not, I have a few friends who played the game with me for two years before I quit so we could easily play some 1vs1 clan wars just to spice things up because we're all happy and comfortable now with nothing else to do but I saw Blizzard is still funding StarCraft!


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