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Discord rules and guidelines



The SCW discord server is meant to be a fun and friendly place for the community to hang out, game, talk, and have a good time.

That being said, the following will NOT be tolerated

-Hate speech and harassment

-Any form of illegal content

-Any pornographic or violent content

Please make sure you are respectful to others in discord.  Users join discord to relax and game, not to get in heated arguments and debates.  If you find yourself in a situation that is beginning to get out of control, just remove yourself from the channel and contact a discord admin.


-Respect all moderator and admin requests

-Don't hijack another player's channel

-No trolling, mic spam, channel hopping, and any other form of annoying behavior

-Don't record audio or stream without the consent of the channel

*Infractions will be dealt with seriously and may end in a mute or ban


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