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Season Info

SCW Season 38
Location: Op UGL@USWEST
Open: Apr 19 - Jun 4
1 WhiteAndBlack73-14
2 GWs`DinGo~60-35
3 gG]EaZy-37-9
4 GanGstEr]Ryu-77-56
5 GanGstEr]ChiLe82-90

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Welcome to StarCraft World, the home of competitive StarCraft: Fastest Map Possible gaming! Visit our forum and join the league to get started.

Match of the Week Thanks vs Legend]Nasus


August 03, 2022, 01:54:08 am by LivE.SworD
The three teams for the SCW32 2v2 tournament are as follows:

1) L-Mx]KoKaNee +  bbrrb
2) LeGenD]EviL + LeGenD]HyDrA
3) Brother[gK] + ZeuZ

Each team will play the other in a bo7 per the rules outlined here:


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August 03, 2022, 01:50:00 am by LivE.SworD
The lineup is:

L-Mx]GoM vs erOs_sky in bo7
winner of that plays LeGenD]HyDrA in a bo7
and winner of that plays  L-Mx]DinGo- in a bo9 for the $250 award

gl hf
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xx Format for 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments
July 25, 2022, 06:21:38 pm by LivE.SworD
The format for the 1v1 tournament will be as usual: #1 bo9 vs (#2 bo7 vs (#3 bo7 vs #4))

For 2v2, there will be a tournament as well, and the format will be as follows:
* Each person in the top 3 slots is qualified to select a teammate, out of any player that has played at least one 2v2 game this season. The choices will be made in order of ranking (so that the 1st rank player will have the first choice). The person selected as teammate may accept or decline; it is not mandatory...
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xx $1000. Information about Prize pool and Tournament for Season SCW 28
December 23, 2021, 02:26:19 pm by Zero Toxicity
Welcome to the Grand Tournament of SCW Season 28, which will be will be held next year starting on January 3 2022. (If the participants can play earlier, better).

The tournament will consist of 3 groups of 3 players for which the top 9 players of the season are qualified. If any of the top 9 does not want to participate I will ask the 10th, the 11th, and so on until all slots are filled.

All qualified  players must be very vigilant on the forum and cons...
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October 29, 2021, 10:43:14 pm by LivE.SworD
Due to a high burst of activity in the last few months, with Drk[E]aLeX's help, we are donating a large prize pool for SCW Season 28. Because of this the season will be longer than usual, and this will feature a large tournament for the top ladder competitors to determine the winner. Confirmed so far is $1000 for the winner of 1v1, and there is a large amount tentative for 2v2 as well. The prize pool tab on the left-hand side will be updated to tally the total confirmed so far. Any additional do...
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