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SCW Season 22
Location: Op UGL@USWEST
Open: Dec 1 - Feb 10
1 L-Mx]-DinGo-143-47
2 The~HyDrA83-18
3 WhiteAndBlack103-34
4 GanGstEr]D.U.P.138-77
5 day[aV]123-107

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Player profile - [CkU]-RaFaeL

Forum name: sadistic)Aries. (Show League)

1v1 games: 25-12 (2490 points)
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WinnerLoserDownloadGame DurationTime PlayedDetails
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+55)B[L]uE (-30)Link (4)0:34:581/08/21Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+55)B[L]uE (-30)Link (3)0:22:341/08/21Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+65)B[L]uE (-35)Link (4)0:29:201/08/21Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+65)B[L]uE (-35)Link (3)0:16:591/08/21Details
-Os]ChiLe[- (+65)[CkU]-RaFaeL (-35)Link (2)0:06:421/08/21Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+65)-Os]ChiLe[- (-35)Link (2)0:10:251/08/21Details
Kilo(Slayer) (+65)[CkU]-RaFaeL (-35)Link (3)0:27:141/08/21Details
Kilo(Slayer) (+65)[CkU]-RaFaeL (-35)Link (2)0:43:351/07/21Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+65)B[L]uE (-35)Link (6)0:40:261/03/21Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+80)B[L]uE (-40)Link (5)0:08:041/03/21Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+80)B[L]uE (-40)Link (5)0:08:221/03/21Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+80)B[L]uE (-40)Link (4)0:18:091/03/21Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+80)B[L]uE (-40)Link (6)0:07:221/03/21Details
B[L]uE (+55)[CkU]-RaFaeL (-30)Link (3)0:31:531/03/21Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+70)ChOcLo_JhO(xXx) (-35)Link (4)0:07:4112/29/20Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+70)ChOcLo_JhO(xXx) (-35)Link (3)0:03:5912/29/20Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+75)ChOcLo_JhO(xXx) (-40)Link (4)0:07:5112/29/20Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+80)ChOcLo_JhO(xXx) (-45)Link (4)0:06:3512/29/20Details
MisterRieu (+50)[CkU]-RaFaeL (-25)Link (4)0:18:2412/29/20Details
MisterRieu (+65)[CkU]-RaFaeL (-30)Link (3)0:05:0812/29/20Details
MisterRieu (+65)[CkU]-RaFaeL (-30)Link (4)0:19:0112/29/20Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+75)ChOcLo_JhO(xXx) (-40)Link (6)0:15:3012/28/20Details
-Os]M3rCiLeSsS[ (+50)[CkU]-RaFaeL (-25)Link (6)0:14:0712/28/20Details
-Os]M3rCiLeSsS[ (+50)[CkU]-RaFaeL (-25)Link (5)0:12:3812/28/20Details
-Os]M3rCiLeSsS[ (+65)[CkU]-RaFaeL (-30)Link (6)0:12:0612/28/20Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+90)-Os]M3rCiLeSsS[ (-50)Link (4)0:07:0712/27/20Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+70)BLuE[aV] (-35)Link (9)0:07:1812/23/20Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+70)BLuE[aV] (-35)Link (9)0:09:0512/23/20Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+80)SarsCovid19 (-45)Link (8)0:06:2412/23/20Details
ChOcLo_JhO(xXx) (+85)[CkU]-RaFaeL (-40)Link (8)0:06:5012/12/20Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+60)ChOcLo_JhO(xXx) (-30)Link (10)0:05:3512/12/20Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+75)ChOcLo_JhO(xXx) (-35)Link (7)0:08:1512/12/20Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+85)ChOcLo_JhO(xXx) (-40)Link (13)0:05:4512/12/20Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+90)ChOcLo_JhO(xXx) (-45)Link (18)0:08:4312/12/20Details
ChOcLo_JhO(xXx) (+70)[CkU]-RaFaeL (-30)Link (6)0:31:3012/12/20Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+90)ChOcLo_JhO(xXx) (-45)Link (9)0:12:5212/12/20Details
[CkU]-RaFaeL (+90)ChOcLo_JhO(xXx) (-45)Link (19)0:06:4012/12/20Details

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