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Season Info

SCW Season 27
Location: Op UGL@USWEST
Open: Sep 8 - Oct 24
1 GanGstEr]Rand0M35-7
2 L-Mx]DinGo-30-4
3 L-Mx]Scan25-1
4 L-Mx]Vol-JiN30-4
5 GhOsT]-Warriun-32-13

Prize Pool (SCW 26):

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Player profile - -Os]NaChO[

Forum name: ~NaChO (Show League)

1v1 games: 0-0 (1000 points)
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WinnerLoserDownloadGame DurationTime PlayedDetails
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GanGstEr]SeBa- (+50)-Os]NaChO[ (-15)Link (3)0:07:129/10/21Details
GanGstEr]SeBa- (+50)-Os]NaChO[ (-15)Link (4)0:17:299/10/21Details
Roya)L( (+45)-Os]NaChO[ (-15)Link (9)0:07:469/10/21Details
Roya)L( (+50)-Os]NaChO[ (-15)Link (6)0:06:549/10/21Details
Roya)L( (+50)-Os]NaChO[ (-15)Link (6)0:03:589/10/21Details
Roya)L( (+50)-Os]NaChO[ (-15)Link (4)0:05:059/10/21Details
Roya)L( (+50)-Os]NaChO[ (-15)Link (7)0:06:519/10/21Details
.l.[0.o].l. (+75)-Os]NaChO[ (-35)Link (4)0:08:089/10/21Details
.l.[0.o].l. (+75)-Os]NaChO[ (-35)Link (3)0:17:069/10/21Details
CoolBun2003 (+75)-Os]NaChO[ (-35)Link (3)0:13:449/10/21Details
-Os]NaChO[ (+75)CoolBun2003 (-35)Link (2)0:19:319/10/21Details
CoolBun2003 (+75)-Os]NaChO[ (-35)Link (5)0:10:549/10/21Details
CoolBun2003 (+75)-Os]NaChO[ (-35)Link (6)0:25:579/10/21Details
CoolBun2003 (+75)-Os]NaChO[ (-35)Link (4)0:06:409/10/21Details
GanGs]eLeGaNtE (+55)-Os]NaChO[ (-25)Link (4)0:28:479/10/21Details
GanGs]eLeGaNtE (+55)-Os]NaChO[ (-25)Link (3)0:13:379/10/21Details
GanGs]eLeGaNtE (+55)-Os]NaChO[ (-25)Link (5)0:12:179/10/21Details
-Os]NaChO[ (+90)GanGs]eLeGaNtE (-45)Link (4)0:15:329/10/21Details
GanGs]eLeGaNtE (+55)-Os]NaChO[ (-25)Link (4)0:10:459/10/21Details
GanGs]eLeGaNtE (+55)-Os]NaChO[ (-25)Link (3)0:10:309/10/21Details
GanGs]eLeGaNtE (+55)-Os]NaChO[ (-25)Link (3)0:30:519/09/21Details
-Os]NaChO[ (+90)GanGs]eLeGaNtE (-45)Link (4)0:05:089/09/21Details
GanGstEr]Rand0M (+55)-Os]NaChO[ (-25)Link (5)0:10:599/09/21Details
GanGs]eLeGaNtE (+75)-Os]NaChO[ (-35)Link (4)0:22:139/09/21Details
-Os]NaChO[ (+75)GanGs]eLeGaNtE (-35)Link (7)0:07:359/09/21Details
GanGs]eLeGaNtE (+75)-Os]NaChO[ (-35)Link (5)0:30:179/09/21Details
GanGs]eLeGaNtE (+75)-Os]NaChO[ (-35)Link (6)0:29:229/09/21Details

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