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Season Info

SCW Season 38
Location: Op UGL@USWEST
Open: Apr 19 - Jun 4
1 WhiteAndBlack73-14
2 GWs`DinGo~60-35
3 gG]EaZy-37-9
4 GanGstEr]Ryu-77-56
5 GanGstEr]ChiLe82-90

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League Rules

§1. Game Settings

  1. All matches must be played on a designated season map and all games uploaded using a current season map are considered valid league matches, including games hosted as public.
  2. All latency and game speed settings are allowed as long as agreed upon by all players.

§2. Pre-Match

  1. Race match-ups must be agreed upon by ALL players before starting the game. Changing race selection after the countdown has begun is prohibited.
  2. Observers are allowed unless any player does not agree before match begins.

§3. During Match

  1. If there is a dispute regarding the game, you may state the reason of the dispute and leave the game within 1 minute.
    • This includes:
      • An opponent picked their race after the countdown
      • There is excessive lag preventing the game from being playable
      • An observer in the game whose presence was not agreed upon
    • Abusing this rule is prohibited. Examples of abuse include:
      • Leaving because of unfavorable races/spots
    • Leaving the game at the start without stating a valid reason will result in the game being considered a loss.
  2. Allow your opponent 3 minutes of time for a pause break if requested.
    • After 3 minutes, you are allowed to unpause and keep playing.
    • In either situation, in case of dispute, you will need proof. Consider toggling windowed mode and screenshotting the system clock.
  3. Building a second race using Protoss Dark Archon's Mind Control ability is prohibited in league matches.
    • Starting construction of a Hatchery or a Command Center as Protoss is considered an immediate forfeit.
    • Use of Mind Control on other units or even worker units for purposes other than building a second race is permissible.

§4. Post-Match

  1. Matches must be reported within 1 hour of being played.
    • Any games that violate this are subject to be removed with no refund of points.
    • The only exception is if there is difficulty uploading a game, and a support thread is made within 1 hour of the game.
  2. Games played before a reset but uploaded after the reset will be removed.

§5. Disconnects

  1. Disconnects occuring before 1 minute has elapsed will render the league game invalid.
    • Abusing this rule by deliberately disconnecting due to unfavorable races/spots is prohibited.
  2. A disconnect occuring after 1 minute is considered a loss.
    • The only exception to this is if the person disconnecting is going to win the game beyond a reasonable doubt.
    • In case of a dispute, if it cannot be determined who disconnected from the game, the game will be considered invalid for both parties.

§6. Forms of Abuse

  1. Providing or receiving information about an opponent using the observer function is prohibited, and will result in suspension.
  2. Viewing your opponent's livestream during the game in order to gain an unfair advantage is prohibited, and will result in suspension.
  3. Observers interfering with game-play in any way will result in suspension at League Administrator discretion and risk the validity of the match.
  4. Sharing a SCW account will result in suspension at League Administrator discretion.
  5. Picking race after countdown has started will result in penalty at League Moderator discretion.
  6. Reporting matches incorrectly under false pretenses without submitting a match fix request will result in penalty at League Moderator discretion. Examples include:
    • Reporting losses
    • Reporting disconnects
    • Reporting otherwise invalid games
  7. Playing illegitimate matches resulting in free wins is prohibited, and games whose integrity is questionable are subject to be removed.
  8. All wins played in a series must be reported.
    • Refraining from reporting wins while your opponent uploads their wins in order to inflate their points is considered abuse.

§7. Hacking

  1. All hacks are prohibited.
  2. We are commited to fair game-play and will conduct a proper investigation for any player accused of hacking. Any additional information discovered during the process may affect the decision of any open or closed match complaints.
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