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Season Info

SCW Season 18
Location: Op UGL@USWEST
Open: May 20 - Jul 5
1 Scan[sSo]39-5
2 vultur337-17
3 superpowerups44-24
4 David[Kaoz]35-20
5 illllllllllll38-26


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Player profile - CBR1000RREPSOL

Forum name: CBR1000RREPSOL (Show League)

1v1 games: 7-21 (1000 points)
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WinnerLoserDownloadGame DurationTime PlayedDetails
[CKU]-Psycho! (+50)CBR1000RREPSOL (-20)Link (0)0:15:045/28/20Details
CBR1000RREPSOL (+80)La.Dependance (-40)Link (1)0:07:225/27/20Details
pGf]LyCaN- (+55)CBR1000RREPSOL (-25)Link (0)0:18:575/27/20Details
pGf]LyCaN- (+70)CBR1000RREPSOL (-30)Link (0)0:27:535/27/20Details
CBR1000RREPSOL (+95)[CKU]-Psycho! (-55)Link (4)0:11:135/26/20Details
CBR1000RREPSOL (+100)[CKU]-Psycho! (-60)Link (3)0:12:005/26/20Details
[CKU]-Psycho! (+45)CBR1000RREPSOL (-15)Link (3)0:13:475/26/20Details
[CKU]-Psycho! (+50)CBR1000RREPSOL (-15)Link (3)0:18:125/26/20Details
[CKU]-Psycho! (+55)CBR1000RREPSOL (-25)Link (3)0:10:235/25/20Details
[CKU]-Psycho! (+55)CBR1000RREPSOL (-25)Link (3)0:11:335/25/20Details
x3ntr3n4nd0x (+55)CBR1000RREPSOL (-25)Link (4)0:07:475/25/20Details
x3ntr3n4nd0x (+70)CBR1000RREPSOL (-30)Link (4)0:13:305/25/20Details
MannyPacquiaO (+70)CBR1000RREPSOL (-30)Link (4)0:16:055/24/20Details
MannyPacquiaO (+70)CBR1000RREPSOL (-30)Link (4)0:03:005/24/20Details
MannyPacquiaO (+75)CBR1000RREPSOL (-35)Link (4)0:17:085/24/20Details
MannyPacquiaO (+75)CBR1000RREPSOL (-35)Link (4)0:04:365/24/20Details
CBR1000RREPSOL (+75)FlowSeeker (-35)Link (3)0:19:215/24/20Details
CBR1000RREPSOL (+75)pGf]Raymon- (-35)Link (3)1:04:535/24/20Details
[CKU]-Psycho! (+55)CBR1000RREPSOL (-25)Link (4)0:07:535/24/20Details
[CKU]-Psycho! (+55)CBR1000RREPSOL (-25)Link (4)0:07:475/24/20Details
Blacknoob (+70)CBR1000RREPSOL (-30)Link (4)0:18:505/24/20Details
Blacknoob (+70)CBR1000RREPSOL (-30)Link (5)0:37:125/24/20Details
CBR1000RREPSOL (+80)Blacknoob (-40)Link (4)0:16:455/24/20Details
HattoriHanzo- (+55)CBR1000RREPSOL (-25)Link (6)0:48:175/23/20Details
Blacknoob (+75)CBR1000RREPSOL (-35)Link (6)0:30:295/21/20Details
xS.SPLiFF (+75)CBR1000RREPSOL (-35)Link (6)0:25:305/21/20Details
CBR1000RREPSOL (+75)___Mexicano___ (-35)Link (8)0:01:325/21/20Details
___Mexicano___ (+75)CBR1000RREPSOL (-35)Link (7)0:15:405/21/20Details

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