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Author Topic: New Forum Rules and Enforcement  (Read 16556 times)


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New Forum Rules and Enforcement
« on: September 02, 2023, 12:30:33 am »
We would like to take a moment to introduce and outline the new forum rules that have been developed.

These rules will be enforced from this point forward to ensure a positive and respectful environment for all members.

Respect: Treat fellow members with respect and kindness. Disagreements are fine, but personal attacks will not be tolerated.

No Hate Speech: Do not use any language that promotes discrimination, racism, sexism, or any form of hate speech.

Stay on Topic: Keep discussions relevant to the forum's theme or the specific section you're in.

No Spam: Do not post irrelevant or repetitive content, advertisements, or self-promotion without permission.

Quality Content: Contribute meaningful and well-thought-out posts to encourage insightful discussions.

Privacy: Do not share personal information about yourself or others. Respect the privacy of fellow members.

Search Before Posting: Make sure your question or topic hasn't been discussed before. Duplicate threads clutter the forum.

Respect Staff Decisions: Follow the instructions of forum moderators and administrators.

Account and Posting Rules:

Do not create multiple accounts to circumvent rules or mislead others, they will be banned.

Proper Username: Choose a username that is respectful and appropriate. Usernames with offensive content are not allowed.

Signature/Profile Guidelines: If allowed, keep signatures and profile content within appropriate limits, 1 signature per user.

Image/Video Posting: Only post images and videos that are relevant and suitable.

Quoting: When quoting other members, ensure it's relevant and properly attributed.

Report Violations: If you come across a post that violates the rules, report it to the admins using the appropriate reporting mechanism.

Do Not Mini-Mod: Let the Administrators handle rule enforcement. Avoid acting like an Admin unless you are one.

Appeals: If you receive a warning or sanction, follow the proper channels to appeal, rather than arguing publicly.

Remember that these rules are meant to create a positive and inclusive environment for your forum's members. Tailor these rules to fit your community's specific needs and ensure they are clearly communicated to all users. Regularly review and update the rules as necessary to address new challenges that may arise.
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SCW Season 42
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4 s]x2-1
5 RudoSensual1-2

1 Rage[gK]9-4
2 ViperClass6-3
3 RightOrWrong4-1
4 L-Mx]-ThaNaThoZ4-1
5 bayagster5-5

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