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Season Info

SCW Season 17
Location: Op UGL@USWEST
Open: Mar 31 - May 17
1 D2k]Grouch24-6
2 [NgRo]ManDinGo15-4
3 [Zoo]Rillo16-4
4 -Os]SkyHigh[-13-1
5 SilenT.koN11-1

Prize Pool:


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Forum name: Hack (Show League)

1v1 games: 2-3 (1045 points)
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WinnerLoserDownloadGame DurationTime PlayedDetails
GanGstEr]Alba (+70)CallmeHacker- (-30)Link (0)0:25:184/02/20Details
J.Tribuno- (+75)CallmeHacker- (-35)Link (2)0:07:434/02/20Details
La.ZooooooM (+75)CallmeHacker- (-35)Link (0)0:44:354/02/20Details
CallmeHacker- (+75)La.ZooooooM (-35)Link (0)0:23:324/02/20Details
CallmeHacker- (+70)CaptainLitty (-25)Link (0)0:05:494/02/20Details

This user has played no 2v2 games.

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